Hassan Jama | Top Competitive Bodybuilder

11/6/2015: Breaking News–  BIG Congratulations to Hassan Jama  for winning his Bodybuilding  under 100Kg class at the Amateur Olympia in Liverpool England.

Welcome to my official webpage; I’m Hassan “Stunna” Jama a National level Canadian Bodybuilder with aspirations of becoming the next Canadian IFBB Pro. With the growing amount of fans in Canada and around the world I decided to bring you this webpage where you will have easy access to following:

  • Exclusive articles on Nutrition, Training, & Bodybuilding
  • Exclusive Nutrition & Training Videos
  • Exclusive Media, Including Photos

I am currently providing online services including Custom Nutritional Diets, Tailored Training Programs and Contest Preparation Coaching. The online Merchandise store will be up shortly and there you will find DVDs, shirts, autographed pictures and much more.

Again, I welcome you and I hope that you’ll find your visit enjoyable and beneficial.