Hassan Jama

Hassan “Stunna” Jama a top-levelinternational Bodybuilder, Aerospace Engineer and Family man.

Hassan Jama is a top international bodybuilding born and raised in the United Arab Emirates currently living in Ottawa , Canada.   In peruse of a university education Hassan came to Canada where he enrolled at the university of Ottawa and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Honors in Electrical Engineering.  He began his bodybuilding career early at the age of 20 after having been already training since the age of 16. Starting out in the natural  Muscle mania stream in 2003 Hassan quickly excelled  winning the World under 22 championships and World Light heavyweight men’s divisions to receive his MM Pro status. Currently Hassan competes under the Canadian Physique Alliance(CPA) where he is determined to become the next Canadian IFBB Pro and climb the pro ranks. .